About Us

55 Degrees North was founded from a combined love of the natural beauty of the Nordic region with a love of natural, gentle and effective beauty and skincare products.  Scandinavia is a region of beauty and extremes.  The environment can be harsh and extreme, with long and dark winters often bringing Arctic winds mixed with summer days when the sun barely sets.  In response to these unique conditions a beauty industry has been established creating products that are luxurious, gentle, highly effective and specialised.


55 Degrees North meticulously curates the very best in Scandinavian beauty products.  We search from the smallest fishing villages of Greenland to the cosmopolitan cities of Stockholm and Copenhagen in order to find you the most innovative solutions to your beauty and skincare needs.  From brands that specialise in using only natural, organic Nordic ingredients, to the high end products offered in Copenhagen’s most exclusive spas, we only select products we truly believe in. Think moisturisers that need to battle a brisk winter storm while also protecting from 24 hour sunlight, serums to sooth redness and face mists to offer environmental defence.  Think personal fragrance that is unique, individual and innovative, candles and room sprays to add hygge to your home, makeup and cosmetics that are both beautifully formulated and packaged, and hair and body treatments to soothe and indulge the senses.


Why Scandinavian beauty products for Australians? While the Scandinavian environment can be harsh and challenging on the skin, so too can the Australian climate put skin under great stress; from our hot dry summers (hello continuous air conditioning!) and dangerous UV to cool coastal conditions and the long haul air travel necessary to cover our vast distances.  But we don’t just stop at skincare; you only have to stroll down Copenhagen’s Strøget or wander through Stockholm’s Södermalm to admire the natural beauty in the faces you pass.  Scandinavians have mastered no-makeup makeup and are experts in using carefully selected products to enhance their features and express their personality.  Then there’s the hygge. That indefinable coziness and warmth Scandinavians crave within their lifestyle.  We also believe in the power of hygge and source beautiful Nordic candles, room sprays and herbal teas to indulge the senses. Wrap all these reasons up in beautifully designed Scandi packaging and you have 55 Degrees North.